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Here's Sunday's Bulletin.

The Rev. Dr. Paul Smith completed his distinguished 45-year career in ministry as Pastor for 15 years of First Presbyterian Church in Brooklyn Heights, NY. He has preached at BPC on five prior occasions.

After introducing Andrew Young to Martin Luther King, Jr., Paul became a stalwart in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. Inspired and guided by the theologian and mystic Howard Thurman, he has made diversity and inclusiveness hallmarks of his life’s work. He created models of multi-cultural worship and interfaith collaboration at churches in Buffalo, St. Louis, Atlanta, and finally for 15 years in Brooklyn Heights.
Paul is a minority and diversity consultant for Macy’s and Honda, called upon as a negotiator/facilitator in disputes where race is a factor. He has conducted racial sensitivity training for the NYPD and the U.S. Government.
Dr. Smith’s book Facing Death: The Deep Calling to the Deep chronicles his experiences ministering intimately to the dying and their loved ones. Last year, a biography of his life was published: Listening for the Sound of the Genuine: Race, Religion, and Renewal in the Life of Rev. Dr. Paul Smith.