Worship engages the faithful and the hesitant from diverse personal pilgrimages in their relationship with God, with one another, and with God’s creation through the joyful and expectant act of prayer. Whether praise or petition, lament or longing, prayer in worship seeks God’s voice and movement through silence, song, sacrament, and sermon.

Why Do We Worship?

To celebrate that God alone is sovereign over creation
To acknowledge that we are not God; and therefore,
To listen to God’s call to us in and through our lives.

Toward that end: We gather together as a community of faith …

Most importantly: to give praise in all things to our God of grace in all things, to share our confessions and petitions, our joys and concerns, with God and one another, to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, that the commonwealth (kingdom) of God is among us, to respond in trust to the Good News sacramentally, by reaffirming our baptisms, breaking the bread of new life, and sharing the cup of forgiveness to respond in trust to the Good News socially, by committing to bear it anew to God’s hurting world.

What Makes Worship at BPC Happen?

The Holy Spirit! — through the people, the space, the light, the ritual, the movement, the familiar prayers, the new prayers, the music, the silence, the sharing, the words, and the Word.

Regardless of who or where you are on life’s journey …
we welcome you to worship with us at Bethesda Presbyterian Church!